Ma Huateng Net Worth 2023 – Tencent Holdings, Businessman

Ma Huateng Net Worth is estimated to be $64 Billion, and he is recognized as the founder, chairman, and CEO of the multinational company Tencent Holdings. He is a Chinese billionaire business tycoon. Tencent is one of the most popular and valued companies in Asia. Ma Huateng was born on October 29, 1971 in Chaoyang, Shantou, Guangdong. He studied Computer Science and earned a bachelor’s degree at Shenzhen University. Learn more about Ma Huateng’s business partnerships, lifestyle, assets, career, and education. 

Ma Huateng Net Worth Today 2023

Ma Huateng is a business tycoon who is highly interested in the Computer Science field. He established his own multinational company Tencent Holdings, on 11 November 1998. He was born on 29 October 1971 to Ma Chenshu and Huang Huiqing. He was raised in Chaoyang, Shantou, Guangdong. 

Ma Huateng net worth comes primarily from his stake in Tencent, a multinational conglomerate holding company with investments in various internet-related businesses such as social media, gaming, e-commerce, and fintech. As co-founder and Chairman of Tencent, Ma has played a vital role in the company’s growth and success, contributing to his wealth. 

Ma Huateng’s estimated 2023 net worth is $64 billion. He has been placed twice on the list of wealthiest persons around the globe. Most of his wealth was accumulated through his business, which he uses to produce video games using software. The most addictive games are thought to be his. As a result, kids love playing and enjoying his games. He resides with his family in Hong KongChina.

Ma Huateng Profile

Name:- Ma Huateng
Nickname:- Pony Ma
Age:- 52 years
Birth Date:- 29 October 1971
Birth Place:- Chaoyang, Shantou, Guangdong Province (China)
Height:- 5 feet 5 inches
Weight:- 65kg
Gender:- Male
Mother:- Huang Huiqing
Father:- Ma Chenshu
Net Worth:- $64 Billion
Citizenship:- Chinese 
Nationality:- Chinese 
School:- Shenzhen Middle School
College/University:- Shenzhen University(1993)
Marital Status:- Married
Wife:- Wang Dan-ting
Kids:- Ma Manlin(Daughter)
Profession:- Founder, Chairman and CEO of Tencent, Businessman
Philanthropic Foundation:- Ma Huateng Global Foundation
Company Established:- Tencent established in 1998
Politics:- Served as the Deputy to the 5th Shenzhen Municipal People’s Congress; 

Served in the 12th National People’s Congress

House:- He owns Palatial residence of 19,600 sq ft in Hong Kong
Cars:- Volvo S80

Ma Huateng Biography

Business Career: 

Ma Huateng’s father usually worked as a port manager in Shenzhen. Little Ma accompanied his father during his job. His first job after completing his bachelor’s degree was at China Motion Telecom Development. In this company, he was hired to develop and create software applications for the pagers. With this job, he earned $174 per month. He also worked for the Shenzhen Runxun Communications company to increase his earnings. In this company, he worked for Internet calling services in the research and development department. 

After gaining much experience and expertise in his field, he decided with his friends to open a multinational company, provide lots of opportunities to upcoming generations, and upskill society. Finally, in 1998 he co-founded his own multinational company Tencent, along with his four other classmates, namely Tony Zhang, Xu Chenye, Charles Chen, and Zeng Liqing. 

Ma Huateng participated in a presentation for ICQ, the world’s first Internet instant messaging service founded by an Israeli company in 1996. He got inspired by this event, launched his messaging service software with a Chinese Interface, and was given a slightly different name such as OICQ. His first product, OICQ, became popular among millions of users by the end of 1999 and was considered the largest messaging service in China. 

He also added that during the foundation of his company Tencent, he asked for bank loans and was obsessed with selling his own company to save his product’s increasing operational costs. Moreover, in 2000 he sold 40% of his company’s shares to Hong Kong’s telecom carrier PCCW for US$2.2 million. 


Ma Huateng’s net worth has been estimated as the $64 billion he makes up from his company shares. His monthly income is more than $1 Billion, and his yearly income is considered to be more than $5 Billion. He has made many games such as PUBG, Honor of Kings, League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Alchemy Stars, Street Fighter, Path of Exile, Game for Peace, and so forth. He also handles Ma Huateng Global Foundation and promotes his philanthropic works.  


 Ma Huateng redeveloped a palatial residence of 19,600 sq ft between Shek O and Big Wave Bay. He purchased this palatial residence from Tencent for a relatively inexpensive HK$480 million in 2009. Also, it is considered that this palatial residence will be worth HK$1.8 billion at today’s prices when its construction and renovation work is finished.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Ma Huateng got married to Wang Dan-ting in China. The couple has one daughter, namely Ma Manlin. In his early days, he used to accompany his father in his job as Port Manager in Shenzhen. Moreover, he worked in many companies, especially Internet and communications technology. He is also regarded as the king of internet messaging apps and games.  

He is fond of playing outdoor games such as Volleyball and tennis. He also loves to watch football matches and read books and is highly interested in advanced and new technologies in the Computer Science field. 

Education and Qualification

Ma Huateng received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Shenzhen University in 1993. Before founding Tencent with several friends in 1998, he first worked in research and development for China Motion Telecom Development Ltd. He is highly qualified in computer science and knows various programming languages, data structures, and software application development.

FAQ Regarding Ma Huateng Net Worth 

Ques: How much is Ma Huateng Net Worth estimated according to Forbes reports?

Ans: Ma Huateng net worth is estimated to be $64 Billion, and he was regarded as one of the wealthiest persons in the world twice. Most of his income consists of the shares of his company. Though he owns a funding organization, he still globally’s wealthiest. 

Ques: Who is regarded as the youngest CEO in China?

Ans: Ma Huateng is regarded as the youngest CEO in China. He is popular due to his intelligence and the services he provides for the users, such as instant messaging services and online games for kids.

Ques: How much is Tencent company net worth estimated approximately?

Ans: Tencent’s Company Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $500.83B. Tencent Holdings was founded in 1998 by Ma Huateng and his four classmates.