Fab Morvan Net Worth 2023 – French Artist, Milli Vanilli

Fab Morvan Net Worth is nearly $500,000, according to the top main sources of celebrity informational sites. He is widely popular as a French singer, model, rapper, songwriter, and dancer. Morvan was born in Paris on 14 May 1966 to parents who belonged to Pointe-à-Pitre and Guadeloupe. Influenced by American soul, Funk, and R&B music, he started singing and dancing very young. To expose his skills in singing and dancing, he moved to Germany, where he met Rob Pilatus. Let’s explore more interesting facts about Fab Morvan Net Worth and earnings, lifestyle, parents, height, weight, age, birthday, education, career, music albums, collaboration with various artists, properties, cars, etc.

Fab Morvan Net Worth Today 2023 

Fab Morvan is a 57-year-old French artist recognized for his talent in the entertainment industry. He is a famous singer, dancer, rapper, and model born in Paris, France, and later moved to Germany to build his career in the music industry. 

As stated above, Fab developed a passion for singing and dancing at a very young age. Later, he met Rob Pilatus in Germany, and they both formed the pop duo Milli Vanilli.

Fab Morvan Profile

Name:- Fabrice Maxime Sylvain Morvan
Short Name:-  Fab Morvan 
Age:- 57 years
Birth Date:- 14 May
Birth Year:- 1966
Birth Place:- Paris, France
Height:- 5ft 10 inches
Fame:- French Celebrity Net Worth
Gender:- Male
School:-  High School
Profession:-  Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Dancer, Model 
Years Active:- 1988 – present
Genre:- Dance-pop, new jack swing, hip hop 
Labels:- Elixir Records, Hansa Records, Arista Records, Joss Entertainment Group, BMG
Fab Morvan Net Worth:- $500,000
Citizenship:- French, German 
Marital Status:- Married
Fab Morvan Spouse:-  Tessa Van Der Steen
Kids:- Sacha, Solange, Vince, Paris
Studio Album :- Love Revolution
R&B Duo:- Milli Vanilli
  • All or Nothing
  • Anytime
  • Can’t Let You Go
  • Fire
  • Hello
  • I’m Free
  • Last Summer
  • Love Revolution
  • Paris
  • Runnin 
Collaboration with Artists:-  Myah Marie, J-Son, Timati, Kat DeLuna, Playb4ck, Joe Bermudez, T.S.O., The Raphaels, Tova Litvin, Heleen 

Fab Morvan Social Media Accounts

 Fab Morvan is a popular french artist who has large fan following on multiple social media accounts as listed below: 

Social Media Account  Account ID Followers
Instagram fabmorvan 17.9K
Twitter @fabmorvan 4K
Facebook Fab Morvan 14K
Fab Morvan IMDb Fab Morvan ____

Fab Morvan Biography 

Morvan started his music career as a dancer and model in France. In 1988, he joined forces with German music producer Frank Farian to form the pop duo Milli Vanilli and fellow singer Rob Pilatus. The pair became an instant sensation with their catchy pop songs and dance moves and won several awards, including a Grammy in 1990.

However, in 1990, it was revealed that Milli Vanilli had lip-synched their performances and had not sung on their records. The revelation led to widespread criticism and revoked the duo’s Grammy award. Morvan and Pilatus became the subject of intense scrutiny and public ridicule, and the team disbanded in 1991.

After the Milli Vanilli scandal controversy, Fab Morvan pursued a solo career as a singer and songwriter. He released several singles and albums, including “Love Revolution” and “I’m Free,” but could not match the success of his earlier career.

Today, Morvan continues to work as a producer and songwriter in the music industry and performs as a solo artist. He has been involved in several projects and collaborations, including the pop-dance group Empire B and the electronic dance duo Morlando.

Morvan’s current net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. He owns several properties in the United States and Europe and invests in various business ventures. He also earns income through his music royalties, performances, and endorsements.

Fab Morvan Personal Life and Hobbies 

Fab Morvan is married to Tessa Van Der Steen, with whom he has four kids: Sacha, Solange, Vince, and Paris. The couple is happily living together in the United States. Moreover, he enjoys music-related activities, such as writing songs or playing musical instruments. 

Additionally, as a performer, he enjoys dancing or practicing other forms of stagecraft. Like many individuals, he may also have hobbies and interests that are unrelated to his profession, such as reading, sports, or travel.

Fab Morvan Education and Qualification 

Fab Morvan attended high school and later started practicing music professionally to build his future in the music industry. 

FAQ Related To Fab Morvan Net Worth

Ques: What is the expected income and Fab Morvan Net Worth?

Ans: Fab Morvan Net Worth is estimated to be nearly $500,000, which he has amassed through his profession as a singer in the music industry. 

Ques: Who Is Fab Morvan Married To?

Ans: Fab Morvan is married to Tessa Van Der Steen, with whom he has four kids, and is happily residing in the United States. 

Ques: What Happened To Fab Morvan?

Ans: Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus enjoyed huge success with hits such as “Girl You Know It’s True” and “Blame It On The Rain.” But later on, it was revealed that they had not sung it but had lip-synched to other singers’ vocals. Therefore, their hit songs were deleted forever. 

Ques: Does Fab Morvan Have Kids?

Ans: Yes, Fab Morvan has four kids, namely Sacha, Solange, Vince, and Paris, with his wife, Tessa Van Der Steen.