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Esai Morales Net Worth is deemed to be around $5 million. He is an American actor who has played roles in multiple Hollywood films, including Bad Boys and La Bamba. He is most popular due to his top-notch acting skills for working in a famous show, namely American Family. Other shows he has participated in include Resurrection Blvd., NYPD Blue, Caprica and Titans. Esai was born on 1st October 1962, in Brooklyn, New York. His main occupations are Actor, producer, director and musician. Moreover, to get more information about the famous American Actor, read this informative blog to know Esai Morales’s earnings, films, age, birthday, career, education, family background, assets, residence, spouse and kids. 

Esai Morales Net Worth Today 2023

An American actor, Esai Morales, was born in 1962 to parents Iris Margarita Morales and Esai Morales. The Actor is of Puerto Rican descent, often known by his full name Esai Manuel Morales Jr. He attended the High School of Performing Arts in Manhattan, United States. Esai Morales Net Worth Today is expected to be $5 Million, which he has amassed through his acting and other job roles. He earns $4,00,000 per year and $32,000 and $8,000 monthly and weekly, respectively. Esai is highly recognised for his fine artworks, such as acting skills, film producing and directing skills. He has in-depth knowledge of the terms and methodologies often used to create and control a particular movie or television show. 

Esai Morales Profile 

Name:- Esai Manuel Morales Jr.
Nickname:- Esai Morales
Age:- 61 years
Birth Date:- 01 October
Birth Year:- 1962
Birth Place:- Brooklyn, New York
Residence:- Brooklyn, United States
Height:- 5 feet 8 inches
Weight:- 75Kg
Gender:- Male
Parents:- Iris Margarita Morales, Esai Morales
Net Worth:- $5 Million
Citizenship:- American
School:- High School of Performing Arts, Manhattan
Marital Status:- Married
Spouse:- Elvimar Silva
Children:- Mariana Oliveira Morales 
Profession:- Actor , Director, Producer and Musician
Films:- The film that Esai Morales produced, directed and in which he played role for character are listen as given below: 

  • Forty Deuce released in 1982, 
  • Bad Boys released in 1983,
  • Rainy Day Friends released in 1986, 
  • La Bamba released in 1987, 
  • Bloodhounds of Broadway released in 1989,  
  • Naked Tango released in 1990, 
  • Freejack released in 1992, 
  • Rapa Nui released in 1994, 
  • In the Army Now released in 1994, 
  • My Family released in 1995, 
  • Scorpion Spring released in 1996, 
  • The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca released in 1997, 
  • The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit released in 1998, 
  • American Virgin released in 2000, 
  • The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina released in 2002, 
  • American Fusion released in 2005, 
  • Fast Food Nation released in 2006, 
  • Kill Kill Faster Faster released in 2008, 
  • King of the Avenue released in 2010,
  • Gun Hill Road released in 2011,
  • Playin’ for Love released in 2013,
  • Jarhead 2: Field of Fire released in 2014,
  • Spare Parts released in 2015, 
  • Master Gardener released in 2022,
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One will be released in 2022,
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part Two will be released in 2024
Television Series:- Some of his television series are as follows: 

  • ABC Afterschool Special
  • The Equalizer
  • On Wings of Eagles
  • The Twilight Zone
  • The Burning Season
  • Dora the Explorer – did role of voice artist 
  • Freddie
  • CSI: Miami
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • The Brink
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Mars
  • Titans
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
Video Games:- Played voice role of True Crime: New York City in year 2005
Awards:- HOLA Award for Excellence,

Lifetime Achievement Award

Esai Morales Social Media Accounts 

Esai Morales has thousands of fans following him on social media accounts, as listed below in the given table:

Social Media Account  Account ID Followers
Instagram esai_morales 83.8K
Facebook Esai Morales  240K
Twitter @Esai_Morales 18.8K

Esai Morales Biography

Esai Morales is an American actor known for his roles in film and television. He was born to Puerto Rican parents in Brooklyn, New York on October 1, 1962. Morales began his acting career in the early 1980s, making his film debut in the movie “Bad Boys” (1983) and his television debut in an episode of “Fame” (1982-1987). He gained recognition for his role as Bob Morales, the brother of musician Ritchie Valens, in the biographical film “La Bamba” (1987).

Morales has appeared in numerous films, including “The Principal” (1987), “Bloodhounds of Broadway” (1989), “Naked Tango” (1991), “My Family” (1995), “Fast Food Nation” (2006), “Gun Hill Road” (2011), and “The Wall of Mexico” (2019). In addition to his film work, Morales has also appeared in various television series. He played Lt. Tony Rodriguez in the crime drama “NYPD Blue” (1993–2005), and he portrayed FBI agent Michael Santana in the series “Capitol Law” (2006-2007). Morales has also had recurring roles on shows such as “Criminal Minds” (2009-2010), “Magic City” (2012-2013), and “Ozark” (2020).

Morales has also been involved in theatre productions, including “The Exonerated” (2003) and “The Mambo Kings” (2013). In 2007, he made his directorial debut with the film “Papirosen,” which won numerous awards at film festivals. Throughout his career, Morales has received several accolades for his work, including a Screen Actors Guild Award for his performance in “NYPD Blue” and an Imagen Foundation Award for his work in “Gun Hill Road.”

Off-screen, Morales is also known for his philanthropic work. He has been involved with various organizations that support the arts, education, and health care, including the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and the Alzheimer’s Association. Morales is known for his versatile acting skills and has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, particularly for his portrayals of Latino characters on screen.

Personal Life and Hobbies

The American actor Esai Morales has been in several relationships but has never been married. He has been in long-term relationships with several women, including Elvimar Silva, whom he dated for several years, and Kaja Sundsten, with whom he has a daughter named Mariana Oliveira.

In his free time, Morales enjoys reading and avidly enjoys comic books and graphic novels. He is also interested in music and is a skilled percussionist. Additionally, he is a practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has trained in the martial art for several years.

Morales is passionate about social and political causes and has been involved in various advocacy efforts throughout his career. He has been an outspoken advocate for Latino representation in the media and has spoken out about issues such as immigration reform and workers’ rights.

Esai Morales Wife

Esai Morales is in a long-term relationship with Elvimar Silva, a popular social media personality. She met Esai Morales in 2010 and later came into a relationship. They welcomed their daughter in 2010. Even though they are not married, they are in a long-term relationship.

Education and Qualification 

Esai Morales attended the High School of Performing Arts in New York City and later studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. He left college before earning his degree to pursue a career in acting. Despite not completing his formal education, Morales has continued to educate himself and has been involved in various educational and advocacy efforts throughout his career. He is a passionate advocate for education and has been involved in organizations that promote literacy and access to higher education for underserved communities.

FAQ Regarding Esai Morales Net Worth 

Ques: What is the ethnicity of American actor Esai Morales?

Ans: Esai Morales belonged to Puerto Rican and was born in Brooklyn, New York.

Ques: From where did Esai Morales’ parents belong to?

Ans: Esai Morales’ parents are from Puerto Rico. His mother, Iris Margarita Morales, was a union activist, and his father, Esai Morales Sr., was a welder and an engineer.

Ques: Does American actor Esai Morales have children?

Ans: Yes, Esai Morales has a daughter named Mariana Oliveira, who was born in 2010.