Eric Yuan Net Worth 2023 – Wife, Businessman, Zoom Platform

Eric Yuan is an American businessman and entrepreneur widely recognized as the founder and CEO of ZOOM Video Communications, and he owns 22% shares of the company. He was born on 27 February 1970 in Shandong, China. Eric Yuan Net Worth 2023 is estimated to be approximately $25 Billion. He got married to Sherry in 1992. Learn more exciting facts about Eric Yuan Wife, Biography, Profile, Kids, Property and Communication Software Launched. 

Eric Yuan Net Worth Today 2023

Eric Yuan is a 53 years old American Businessman who owns 22% of the Zoom Company. He was born to a family of Geology Engineers and raised in Shandong, China. Eric Yuan has a monthly salary of more than $173 Million. His yearly income and salary are estimated at more than $2 Billion. 

Eric Yuan founded Zoom Video Communications in the year 2011 and launched it in the year 2013. Moreover, the communication software was most popular during the covid-19 pandemic, when all the schools and colleges were closed to prevent health risks among the children. Then, in those days, the government allowed the teachers of various schools and institutions to teach the students online through the Zoom Platform

Due to the publicity of the Zoom App during the Covid-19, the net worth of Eric Yuan jumped from 396.5% to $17.7 Billion in 2020. Moreover, before the pandemic, he would deal with his clients through the Zoom App. He ranks among the wealthiest Americans and the richest among the Forbes 400 personalities.

Eric Yuan Profile 

Name:- Eric Yuan
Recognized as :- Zoom CEO
Age:- 53 years
Birth Date:- 27 February 1970
Birth Place:- Shandong, China
Height:- 5 feet 9 inches
Weight:- 74kg
Net Worth:- $25 Billion
Citizenship:- American
Nationality:- American
College/University:- Shandong University of Science and Technology;

China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing;

Stanford University

Marital Status:- Married 
Spouse:- Sherry
Kids:- 3
Profession:- Chinese- American Entrepreneur, Businessman 
Software Developed:- Zoom Video Communications 
Zoom Launched in :- 2013
Employment:- Software Engineer at WebEx, Silicon Valley(United States) Till 2013
Residence:- Santa Clara, California(United States)

Eric Yuan Social Media Account

Facebook- Eric S Yuan
Twitter- @ericsyuan

Eric Yuan Biography

Eric Yuan is the founder and CEO of Zoom, a video conferencing and online meeting platform. He was born in China and received a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Shandong University in China with a minor in Computer Science. 

After completing his bachelor’s degree, he got married at 22 when he resided in Beijing, China and moved to the United States in 1997. to secure his future goals. Furthermore, after moving to the United States, he started his first job in 1997 as a Software Engineer at WebEx in Silicon Valley. Before founding Zoom, Eric Yuan worked at Cisco Systems and WebEx, responsible for developing and managing the company’s web conferencing products. 

In 2007, the WebEx company was taken over by Cisco Systems for over $3.2 Billion, and he got stuck from a trim level to a worldwide level of 800 software engineers. Due to some circumstances, he left Cisco to build the Zoom Communication software more generalized using advanced software techniques. And finally thought of starting his own competitor business, promoting his software as having diverse and dynamic features. 

The Zoom Company started in April 2011 and was earlier named SaaSbee. The name of the startup was changed in 2012 to Zoom Video Communications. Eric Yuan and his team launched the first product of Zoom in August 2012. He has a huge fan following on his social media account, Twitter, with a maximum of 88.9K followers. Eric Yuan lives in a luxurious mansion in Santa Clara, California.

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom founder Eric Yuan launched video conferencing and online meeting software to allow users to participate in virtual meetings, webinars, and video chats with other users. Zoom can be used on various devices and platforms, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It has become popular due to its ease of use and reliability during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also offers screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds.

Personal Life and Hobbies

Eric Yuan married his girlfriend Sherry at 22 in 1992 when he was doing a Master’s degree at the China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing. The couple had three children. Eric Yuan then moved to Silicon Valley and got hired for a Software Engineer role at WebEx company. 

He lives with his family in Santa Clara, California, United States. He attained citizenship in the United States in 2007. Eric Yuan loves to play basketball and often plays games with his children at school events. He is a massive fan of the NBA, which stands for the National Basketball Association, an organization in the United States. 

Education and Qualification

Eric Yuan accomplished his bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and opted for a minor in Computer Application from the Shandong University of Science and Technology. He completed a Master’s degree program in Geology Engineering from China University of Mining and Technology in Beijing, the capital of China. Moreover, he completed an MBA executive program at Stanford University in 2006. 

FAQ Regarding Eric Yuan Net Worth 

Ques: How much is Eric Yuan Net Worth estimated approximately?

Ans: Eric Yuan net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 Billion, and he mainly earns through Zoom Video Communications.

Ques: When did Eric Yuan launch the Zoom Video Communication software?

Ans: Eric Yuan created the Zoom App in 2011 and launched it in 2013.

Ques: Where does Eric Yuan live with his family?

Ans: Eric Yuan lives in Santa Clara, California, with his family in the United States.