Boi 1da Net Worth 2023 – Songwriter, Lifestyle, Record Producer

Boi 1da Net Worth in 2023 is estimated to be $5 Million, which he has amassed through his record producer and songwriter profession. Boi 1da’s original name is Matthew Jehu Samuels, born on October 12, 1986. Moreover, he belongs to the Jamaican Canadian ethnicity. He has been active in the music industry since 2005 and has done exceptional work that is praised and highly loved by the public of America and Canada. Know more popular artistic works of Boi 1da, including his career, house, family, age, birthday, height, weight, hair color, blood group, residence and assets.

Boi 1da Net Worth Today 2023

Boi 1da is a Canadian record producer and songwriter born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 12, 1986. His birth name is Matthew Jehu Samuels. He grew up in Toronto, Canada, where he began producing music at the age 15. Boi 1da’s father was kind-hearted and a keen listener of dancehall music. Also, his mother bought him a Casio keyboard at the age 8.

Boi 1da Net Worth Today is estimated to be $5 Million. His per-year income is nearly $4,00,000. Also, he earns $32,000 per month and $8,000 per week. 

Boi 1da Profile

Name:- Matthew Jehu Samuels
Short Name:- Boi 1da
Age:- 37 years
Birth Date:- 12 October
Birth Year:- 1986
Birth Place:- Kingston, Jamaica
Raised in :-  Toronto, Canada
Residence:- Canada Celebrity Net Worth
Gender:- Male
Net Worth:- $5 Million
Citizenship:- Canadian
School:- Pickering High School
Music Career:-  2005 – present
Marital Status:- Unmarried
Relationship:- Single
Profession:- Record Producer, Songwriter
Ethnicity:- Jamaican Canadian
Genres:- Hip-Hop, R&B
Instrument:- Keyboard, Sampler, Drum Machine
Labels:- OVO Sound
Production Credits:- Some of Boi 1da’s notable production credits include:

  • “Forever” by Drake featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem
  • “Not Afraid” by Eminem
  • “Pound Cake” by Drake featuring Jay-Z
  • “Work” by Rihanna featuring Drake
  • “Controlla” by Drake
  • “God’s Plan” by Drake
  • “Nonstop” by Drake
  • “Lemon” by N.E.R.D featuring Rihanna
  • “FEFE” by 6ix9ine featuring Nicki Minaj
Worker for Famous Artists Drake, Eminem and Rihanna
  • Won Songwriters of the Year Award hosted by ASCAP Pop Music Awards in year 2011
  • Won Five Grammy Awards
  • Three BET Hip Hop Awards
  • SOCAN Award

Boi 1da Social Media Accounts  

Boi 1da has thousands of fans following him on his social media accounts, as shown in the table below: 

Social Media Account  Account ID Followers
Instagram boi1da 376K
Twitter @Boi1da 203.7K
Facebook @Boi1dacom 164,029 people follow this channel
Spotify Boi 1da 210,894 monthly listeners

Boi 1da Biography

Boi 1da’s career began when he started producing music at the age 15. He initially produced tracks for local artists in Toronto, Canada, and eventually caught the attention of Kardinal Offishall, who he produced the song “Money Jane” for in 2007.

Boi 1da’s early influences were hip-hop and R&B, and he started making beats on his computer using the FruityLoops program. He eventually caught the attention of local artists in Toronto and began producing tracks for them. One of his early successes was producing the song “Money Jane” for the Canadian rapper Kardinal Offishall.

Boi 1da’s big break came in 2009 when he produced the hit single “Best I Ever Had” for Drake, a fellow Canadian artist. The song was a huge success, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and launching Drake’s career.

Since then, Boi 1da has become one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry. He has produced tracks for artists including Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Eminem and Nicki Minaj. He has also won several awards for his work, including five Grammy Awards.

In addition to producing music, Boi 1da has also been involved in philanthropy. He founded the Boi 1da Foundation in 2014, which provides resources and support for young artists in Toronto. The foundation’s mission is to help cultivate the city’s next generation of creative talent.

Boi 1da continues to be an influential figure in the music industry and is considered one of his generation’s most talented and successful producers.

Boi 1da has received numerous accolades for his work, including five Grammy Awards, three BET Hip Hop Awards, and a SOCAN Award. In addition to his production work, Boi 1da founded the Boi 1da Foundation in 2014, which aims to support young artists in Toronto by providing resources and funding for their creative projects.

Personal Life and Hobbies 

Boi 1da is unmarried and has no rumors published on the internet about his relationship. Moreover, he has always talked about his passion for music and how it has been a part of his life since childhood. He has cited hip-hop and R&B as his early influences, and he began producing beats at the age 15.

In addition to music, Boi 1da has also expressed a love for basketball. He has been a fan of the Toronto Raptors since he was young and has even produced music for the team.

Boi 1da has also been involved in philanthropy, as he founded the Boi 1da Foundation in 2014. The foundation aims to support young artists in Toronto by providing resources and funding for their creative projects.

In his free time, Boi 1da enjoys watching basketball and spending time with his family and friends. He has also been known to play video games, and he has even produced music for some popular video games, including NBA 2K16 and Need for Speed: Payback.

Education and Qualification 

Boi 1da attended Pickering High School in Ajax, where he was raised in Ontario, Canada. However, it is known that he began making beats at the age of 15 and honed his skills through self-teaching and experimentation. Boi 1da’s career began to take off in the mid-2000s when he began producing tracks for major artists such as Drake, Eminem and Rihanna. 

He has since won multiple Grammy Awards and other industry accolades. While Boi 1da may not have pursued formal education or qualifications in the music industry, his success is a testament to his talent, dedication, and hard work in developing his skills and building his career.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Boi 1da Net Worth.

Ques: What is Boi 1da Net Worth estimated to be approximate?

Ans:Boi 1da Net Worth is estimated to be approximately $5 Million, and he has made enough through his artistic works as a record producer and a songwriter in the music industry. 

Ques: Who is the wife of Canadian record producer Boi 1da?

Ans: Boi 1da is unmarried and is not dating anyone right now. 

Ques: Where does the Jamaican Canadian songwriter Boi 1da live?

Ans: As you know, Boi 1da was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Ontario. He lives in Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, with his family. 

Ques: What has Boi 1da produced?

Ans: Boi 1da has produced almost 262 songs and did artistic work for popular artists such as Drake and Rihanna in such a manner.