Anna Shay Net Worth 2023 – Parents, Family, Bling Empire

Anna Shay Net Worth 2023 is estimated to be $600 Million. She is an American actress most widely recognized for her Netflix show, Bling Empire. Bling Empire is an American reality TV series released on the Netflix platform on 15 January 2021. Anna Shay belongs to the Japanese city of Tokyo. Moreover, she currently resides in a beautiful estate in Beverly Hills. Know more interesting facts about Anna Shay parents, business, tv show, net worth, siblings, and spouse. 

Anna Shay Net Worth Today 2023

Anna Shay was born in 1960 in the Japanese city of Tokyo. Her father, Edward Shay, established American defense industry leader Pacific Architects and Engineers(PAE) in 1955. Her mother, Ai Oizumi Shay, was of Russian and Japanese descent. Her family background was financially strong due to lucrative business relationships with American government agencies like the CIA.

Anna Shay Net Worth is approximately estimated to be $600 Million. She is the second richest among the cast members of the reality television show on Netflix, Bling Empire. Her large income is that of the shares that her father, Edward Shay, left for her and her brother after his death. 

Anna’s father was the founder of a company that dealt with the weapons and other technologies used by the military. Her other source of income is her official Instagram account, which has 504K followers. She earns around $1623 per instagram post. Another source of income for Shay is her official Instagram account. The reality TV star earns around USD 1,623 per post.

Anna Shay Profile

The key highlights of Anna Shay are listed in the table as given below: 

Name:- Anna Shay
Age:- 63 years
Birth Date:- 31 December 1960
Birth Place:- Japanese City of Tokyo
Height:- 5 feet 4 inches
Weight:- 62kg
Mother:- AI Shay
Father:- Edward Shay
Siblings:- Jun , Allen
Net Worth:- $600 Million
Citizenship:- American
Nationality:- American
School:- Private High School at California
College/University:- University of California
Marital Status:- Divorced
Kids:- Anna Shay Son : Kenny Kemp
Profession:- Netflix Reality TV Cast Member- Bling Empire; Philanthropist, Socialist, Fashion icon
Netflix Show:- Bling Empire
Philanthropist:- George Lopez Foundation; Shay Foundation
Anna Shay Home:- Luxurious Mansion in Beverly Hills
Anna Shay Cars:- 3 Mercedes Benz

Anna Shay Social Media Account

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Anna Shay Biography

Early Life and Career 

Anna Shay is a philanthropist, socialist, fashion icon, and the wealthiest personality on the new show of Netflix Bling Empire. She is 63 years old and maintains her luxurious lifestyle. She was born in an Asian – American family to Edward Shay and AI Shay. Her mother used to export silk and pearl flowers, whereas his father was a famous American businessman. She belongs to the Christian religion. Moreover, she is a sister to her two brothers, Jun and Allen. Anna lived with her parents in the Japanese city of Tokyo till eight years of age; then, they moved to Los Angeles in the United States. 

Anna Shay is a philanthropist and socialist by profession. The celebrity had previously served on the board of the George Lopez Foundation, which promotes organ donation and awareness of kidney disease. She has also worked for the Shay Foundation, an initiative run by her late parents that focuses on education, the arts, performing arts, and music.

Bling Empire

The Bling Empire is a famous American reality TV series that was released on 15 January 2021 on Netflix. This American series mainly focuses on the lifestyle of wealthy Asian Americans, socialists based in the Los Angeles area. Well, it is the first American TV series in which the main cast is of East and South-east Asian descent.


As embraced above, Anna Shay has a total net worth of $600 million, which she mainly earns from the Netflix show Bling Empire. A large amount of her income comprises the share left by her father, Edward Shay, for her after his death. Her other source of income is her Instagram account. 


Anna Shay owns a luxurious lifestyle and resides in a beautiful house in Beverly Hills, California, United States. Furthermore, she is also the owner of many other luxurious residences and farmhouses. Anna bought three Mercedes worth millions of dollars in one day. 

Personal Life and Hobbies

As a famous personality, Anna Shay has always kept her private life a secret. But some of the secrets from her private life have been aired on the internet. She has been married four times and got divorced peacefully from her ex-husbands. Kenny Kemp is only Anna Shay’s son who has starred many times on the Bling Empire, a Netflix show. 

Anna Shay is fond of swimming in her free time. As a fashion icon, she does photoshoots for various brands. She loves to live a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover, she has a lot of craze for luxury cars. She bought three Mercedes Benz in one day, gave one car to his son, and kept the other two for herself.  

Education and Qualification

Anna Shay completed high school at Private School in America and accomplished her graduation from the famous University of California, United States. She is highly qualified and is a successful fashion icon, and socialist. 

FAQ regarding Anna Shay Net Worth

Ques: How much is Anna Shay Net Worth estimated?

Ans: Anna Shay has approximately a Net Worth of $600 Million. Most of her net worth consists of the shares inherited by her father, Edward Shay, an American businessman and engineer. 

Ques: Where does Anna Shay live?

Ans: Anna Shay currently resides in a luxurious and beautiful mansion in Beverly Hills, California, United States.

Ques: Who was Edward Shay?

Ans: Edward Shay was an American businessman and engineer who established the company Pacific Architects and Engineers, which mainly dealt with the weapons and other technologies used by the military. He was the father of Anna Shay.